Tuesday, January 26, 2010

10 Songs You Need to Hear!

For my first "official" blog I will post some songs you need to download! I'm obsessed with getting music as soon as it comes out and finding cool new bands. I'll try and only post songs that aren't mainstream so check them out! Here are my first 10 songs you SHOULD be listening too:

1. Capra - "Low Day"
I will admit I am a bit biased to this band, but the song is simply amazing! Catchy, upbeat and sticks in your head!
2. OneRepublic - "Secrets"
The new album isn't doing too hot, but this song is GREAT and you need to give it a chance!
3. Jamie Cullum - "Don't Stop The Music"
Yes, it's a cover of Rihanna's song, and a cool Jazzy cover at that!
4. Amely - "I'd Rather Be Alone"
You'll be singing along in no time!!! Pop Goodness
5. Courage Call - "Change Your Mind"
Reminded me a bit of Dashboard Confessional, that vibe
6. Hot Chelle Rae - "Never Have I Ever"
They have another song that is called "I like to dance" but it's popular now I think. This is a close 2nd though
7. Paolo Nutini - "Pencil Full of Lead"
I loved his last album, this one took awhile to grow on me. This song reminded me of the Swing music from 90's
8. Tobymac - "City on our Knees"
I don't listen to much Christian/Rock/Pop, but Tobymac's latest is purely heavenly
9. Airborne Toxic Event - "Gasoline"
Why is this song not more popular!! It's been around for a few months and I loved it the first time I heard it.
10. Parachute - "The Mess I Made"
Nice little ballad, but pretty good.

Welcome to Armstrong Entertainment!!!!

Hey Everyone and Welcome!!!

I've decided to follow in my friend Sarah's footsteps and start my own BLOG! I'm excited to expand my horizons from my pathetic facebook movie reviews and post everything on here! It's been a year to the week I began my movie reviews and I thought I needed to expand. So, I am launching "Armstrong Entertainment" (I couldn't think of a better title just yet, haha).

On my blog I will basically be reviewing the following:
Movies, Books, and Music!! I do this already and will just have it all in one place.

So, let the adventure begin and give me some time to get used to the new format. I've always loved pushing my interests on others, so let the pushing begin!